Georgia Peach Cobbler Courtesy Of: Georgia Peach Commission Georgia Peach Cobbler 24 Servings 1/4 cup SYSCO Imperial lemon juice 1-1/2 tsp. SYSCO Imperial/McCormick almond extract 8 lbs. SYSCO peaches, peeled and sliced 2 lbs. SYSCO sugar 3 oz. SYSCO flour Biscuit Topping 1 lb., 14 oz. SYSCO flour 2 oz. SYSCO sugar 1-1/2 oz. SYSCO baking powder 2 tsp. SYSCO Imperial/McCormick ground nutmeg 8 oz. SYSCO Imperial vegetable shortening 1-1/4 cups Wholesome Farms milk 4 SYSCO eggs, beaten Cobbler 2 oz. SYSCO sugar 1 tsp. SYSCO Imperial/McCormick ground nutmeg 3 cups Wholesome Farms sweetened whipped cream 24 SYSCO Natural fresh mint sprigs 1. Peaches
Combine lemon juice and extract. Gently toss with peaches in full-size hotel pan. Combine sugar and flour; gently toss into peach mixture to combine. Bake in 400ºF. oven about 45 minutes until heated through, stirring occasionally.
2. Biscuit Topping
In mixer bowl combine dry ingredients. On low speed, beat in shortening until crumbly and combined. Combine milk and eggs; gradually beat into flour mixture just until moistened.
3. Cobbler
Scale biscuit dough into 24, 2-1/3oz. portions. Evenly space 4 x 6 over hot peach mixture. Combine sugar and nutmeg; generously sprinkle over each biscuit. Bake at 400ºF. about 20 minutes until biscuits are golden brown.