Deep-Fried Cheesecake Courtesy Of: Johnson & Wales University Deep-Fried Cheesecake 30 servings 1 SYSCO Imperial prepared cheesecake 30 Jade Mountain Oriental spring roll wrappers Whisk 1 SYSCO egg with 1 cup Wholesome Farms milk Egg wash SYSCO vegetable oil, as needed SYSCO Imperial/McCormick cinnamon sugar, as needed 1. Cut already-baked cheesecake into uniform pieces approximately 1 x 3" in size. One large cheesecake will produce about 30 slices for deep frying.
2. Lightly moisten each spring roll wrapper with the egg wash. Blot of excess egg wash with paper towel.
3. Place each piece of cheesecake in the middle of a wrapper. Fold top of wrapper down over the cheesecake, and both sides towards the middle. Roll each piece of cheesecake toward you until it is completely rolled up. Give this "egg roll" a gentle squeeze to make sure the dough is sealed completely.
4. Using a deep frying pan, heat at least 3 inches of oil to 365°F. Dip the corner of one "egg roll" in the heated oil. If the oil sizzles, it is ready. If not, heat the oil a little longer. When the oil is ready, gently release "egg rolls" into the oil and allow to brown lightly, approximately 10 seconds.
5. Using a pair of tongs, remove the golden brown "egg rolls" from the oil. Place each "egg roll" in a bowl of cinnamon sugar and coat well. Place deep-fried slices of cheesecake on paper towels to cool slightly before serving.