Bistro Wings In Stone-Ground Mustard Sauce Courtesy Of: Sysco Corporation Bistro Wings In Stone-Ground Mustard Sauce 1 qt Stone-ground mustard 2 cups Red wine vinegar 8 oz Fresh red onion, minced 2 Tbsp Dried basil 1 Tbsp Dried thyme 1 Tbsp Ground coriander 2 cups Arrezzio olive oil 2 cups Vegetable oil 1 Tbsp Coarse salt 1 Tbsp Ground black pepper 1 tsp Chipotle pepper 192, 3-oz Sysco Classic chicken wings Combine mustard, vinegar, onion, basil, thyme and coriander. Mix in oils in steady stream. Season sauce with salt, pepper and chipotle; set aside.

Roast chicken wings on parchment-lined pan in 375°F oven for 30 minutes. Cool; add to mustard sauce, stirring to coat evenly. Cover and refrigerate wings overnight.

For each serving, broil 8 marinated wings 2 minutes each side until browned. Serve hot.