Kickin' Beer-Battered Alaska Pollock Kickin' Beer-Battered Alaska Pollock 24 24 (6 oz. ea.) Portico Simply Pollock fillets, thawed if necessary As needed Sysco Classic Oil for frying, 5 c. Sysco All-purpose flour 1/2 c. Sysco Classic Baking Powder 1/4 c. Sysco Classic Sugar 1 Tbsp. Sysco Reliance Salt 2-3 tsp. Sysco Imperial/McCormick Cajun-style, blackened or pepper-blend seasoning 1 1/2 qt. Dark or regular beer 1/4 c. Sysco Imperial fresh lime juice as needed Sysco Imperial lime wedges, 1. Heat oil in fryer pan to 365 degrees F.
2. Portion fillets in 2-ounce pieces.
3. Prepare batter: In mixing bowl, blend flour, baking powder, sugar, salt and Cajun seasoning. Pour in beer, add lime and whisk together just until frothy. Do not over mix.
4. For each serving, dredge fish portions in batter. Fry in oil, about 4-5 minutes per piece, until golden brown. Serve with lime wedges, if desired.