Smoked Chicken Shiitake Ravioli Courtesy Of: Sysco Corporation Smoked Chicken Shiitake Ravioli 24 3/4 cup Sysco Canola vegetable oil 1 lb., 8 oz. Sysco Imperial fresh leeks, cleaned, julienned 2 lbs., 4 oz. Sysco fresh shiitake mushrooms, cleaned, stemmed, julienned 4 lbs., 8 oz. Sysco Classic boneless skinless smoked chicken breasts, julienned 8 1/2 cups buerre blanc sauce, prepared 1 lb. Arrezzio grated parmesan cheese 288, 3-in. Black pepper pasta squares 3 cups Sysco Natural basil leaves, chiffonade 1. Heat oil over medium heat; add leeks and shiitakes. Cook and stir until softened, about 5 minutes. Add chicken; stir to combine. Remove mixture from heat.
2. Combine buerre blanc sauce with cheese; mix well. Stir 4 1/2 cups sauce into smoked chicken mixture. Transfer filling to insert container; hold warm in water bath. Separately, hold remaining 11/2 qts. sauce in warm water bath.
3. For each serving, boil 12 pasta squares until al dente. Drain and plate 6 squares. Spoon 2 Tbsp. warm filling onto each square. Drain remaining 6 pasta pieces from water; cover each filled square. Ladle 2 oz. warm sauce equally over ravioli. Sprinkle with 2 Tbsp. basil chiffonade; serve immediately.