Mesquite Chicken Mostaccoli Courtesy Of: Sysco Corporation Mesquite Chicken Mostaccoli 24 3 lbs. Sysco Classic chicken pieces, boneless and skinless To taste Sysco Imperial/McCormick salt, To taste Sysco Imperial/McCormick cayenne pepper, 1-1/4 c. Sysco vegetable oil 2 c. Sysco Imperial green onions, sliced 1 c. Sysco Natural garlic cloves, roasted and minced 5 c. Sysco Imperial red bell pepper, julienned 3 c. Sysco Imperial green bell pepper, julienned 2 c. Sysco Natural fresh basil, chopped 1-1/2 c. Tequila 7 c. Prepared Sysco Classic chicken soup base 2 c. Sysco butter or margarine, melted 8 oz. Dry Sysco Pasta LaBella mostaccoli or penne pasta, cooked 3 c. Ripe olives, sliced 3 c. Sysco Arrezzio asiago or cotija cheese, shredded 2 Tbs. Sysco Imperial/McCormick chili powder 1. Season chicken with salt and cayenne pepper. Grill, broil or bakechicken; shred into bite-sized pieces. Keep warm. Heat oil in large pan or stem-jacketed kettle. Add green onions, garlic and bell peppers. Sauté 5 minutes or until peppers soften. Stir in corn, basil and tequila. Bring to boil; cook down for 2 minutes. Stir in broth; continue cooking for 5 minutes. Stir in butter; heat thoroughly. Stir in pasta, olives and chicken. Season with salt if desired; heat thoroughly.
2. For each serving: Portion 2 cups pasta, olives and sauce. Sprinkle each serving with 2 Tbs. cheese and 1/4 tsp. chili powder.