Beef Roulade Courtesy Of: The Beef Information Centre Beef Roulade 10 900g or 2lb 2 cuts of inside round (or, sirloin tip or top sirloin) 5 Garlic cloves 1 Medium onion 250mL or 1cup Chopped parsley 5mL or 1tsp Fresh thyme 5mL or 1tsp Fresh basil 60g or 2oz French mustard 6 Slices of white bread with crusts removed 25mL or 2Tbsp Liquid seasoning 60mL or 2oz Butter or oil 900g or 2lb Assorted salad greens and garnishes 300mL or 10oz Favourite salad dressing Salt and pepper to taste Flatten beef to 1 cm (1/2”) thickness.

Prepare a paste of the garlic, onion, herbs, mustard, bread, and liquid seasonings in food processor.

Place beef on saran wrap and spread with paste.

Roll the beef in saran wrap and then wrap in tin foil.

Place in 95oC (200oF) oven and cook until roulade reaches a temperature of 60oC (140oF).

Let cooked beef rest, refrigerate, for 1 ½ hours, remove wraps, grill in butter or oil and let rest again.

Slice thinly and place on salad greens for presentation.

Roulade can also be served hot with garnishes or cold on a buffet or sandwich.