Lamb Shanks with Beans Courtesy Of: Thursday's Restaurant and Bar Lamb Shanks with Beans Serves 8 2 kg or 4.4 lbs White dried beans 1 Bouquet garni (thyme, laurel and parsley) 1 Onion, whole 2 Clove 1 Carrot, peeled 3 Garlic 8 Lamb shanks 16 Slices of Morteau sausage Salt and pepper, to taste The day before, soak beans in cold water for 8 hours.

Drain beans and place in a large pot with the bouquet garni, the onion pierced with the cloves, the carrot, and garlic.

Meanwhile, brown the lamb shanks in a frying pan until a light golden colour. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Add salt to the beans then add the lamb shanks. Deglaze the pan with some liquid from the beans. Pour it on the beans. Gently cook until done.

Remove the aromatic garnish from the beans and place the beans, Morteau sausage, lamb shanks and the cooking juices in a cooking pot. Cook in the oven for 40 minutes at low heat. Serve in a cooking pot.