Roulade of Free Range Chicken Courtesy Of: Executive Chef Chris Joyce, Vista 18 Roulade of Free Range Chicken Serves 4 4 x 7 oz Free range chicken breast 1 lb Caul fat 1 lb Button mushrooms, chopped 1 lb Wild mushrooms 2 Cloves, garlic 1 Carrot, peeled 2 Celery stocks 1 bottle Red wine, merlot to taste Thyme 2 Eggs 8 oz Heavy Cream 1 lb Fingerling potatoes* 8 Baby corn 2 grams Saffron 1 L Chicken stock * Fingerling potatoes or baby corn may be substituted Skin and pound out chicken breasts. Marinate with wine, button mushrooms, carrot, celery, garlic and thyme. Cook wild mushrooms, cool and puree with eggs and 3 oz of the heavy cream; season with salt and pepper.

Strain chicken from marinade and reduce marinade with chicken stock and season.

Place caul fat on cutting board, place chicken on caul fat and add mushroom farce. Wrap chicken in caul fat and add mushroom effect. Season and cook in a 350 degree F oven for 15 minutes. While chicken is cooking, cook fingerling potatoes with cream, saffron and roast baby corn. Serve with red wine sauce.