Indian Summer Corn Chowder Courtesy Of: California Olive Industry Indian Summer Corn Chowder Serves 24 500 mL or 2 cups Olives, sliced 1 L or 4 cups Whole yellow kernel corn 125 mL or 1/2 cup Pimientos, diced 500 g or 1 lb Smoked ham, minced 125 mL or 1/2 cup Margarine 250 mL or 1 cup Onion, diced 250 mL or 1 cup Celery, diced 250 mL or 1 cup Green bell pepper, diced 1 L or 4 cups Chicken stock 500 g or 1 lb Potatoes, peeled and diced 750 mL or 3 cups Wholesome Farms Milk 250 mL or 1 cup Wholesome Farms Cream to taste Tabasco to taste Salt and pepper Combine ripe olive slices, corn, pimientos and smoked ham. Reserve.

Combine onion, celery and bell pepper with margarine in heavy pot. Saute for 5 minutes. Add chicken stock and potatoes. Heat to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Simmer until potatoes are tender, about 30 minutes.

Add milk and cream with reserved olive mixture. Heat to a bare simmer. Do not boil. Adjust seasonings with Tabasco, salt and pepper.