Pineapple Polynesian BOCA Burger Courtesy Of: Kraft Canada Pineapple Polynesian BOCA Burger Serves1 1 BOCA Burger 1 Toasted onion or sesame bun cooking spray 1 Pineapple ring one leaf Lettuce 1 Tomato slice 1 Swiss cheese slice 15 mL Teriyaki sauce Grill a frozen BOCA Original patty according to package instructions, spraying with a light coating of cooking spray to prevent sticking to grill.
When patty is almost completely cooked, place a pineapple ring on the grill and brush both the patty and the pineapple ring with teriyaki sauce. Grill for 2 minutes, turning the ring once.

Place patty on a lettuce lined toasted onion or sesame seed bun base. Top with grilled pineapple ring, a tomato slice and a slice of swiss cheese.