Apple and Maple Mousse Courtesy Of: Christopher Chumbley, Canadore College Apple and Maple Mousse 15 Servings 10 Egg yolks 250 mL Maple syrup 750 mL 35 percent cream 18 g White gelatin powder 4 or 5 Apples, medium size peeled or skin on Tulipe Batter 180 g Butter 240 g Confectioner's sugar 180 g Egg whites 210 g Cake flour Apple wedges, maple syrup for garnish Prepare tulip cups by creaming together the butter and sugars. Add egg whites and continue to whip until smooth. Sift in flour and stir til smooth.
Stencil onto a silicon mat using an offset spatula, and bake at 350 degrees F until slightly golden around the edges.
Remove from tray and allow to cool over the bottom of a cup to give them a rounded shape. Set aside.
Whip egg yolks and maple syrup in a bowl over boiling water until mixture thickens to ribbon stage with a nice creamy texture. Whip the cream.
Peel, core and cut up apples into small bite sized pieces.
Dissolve gelatin in water and melt over heat. Pour into syrup mixture. Add whipped cream, apples slowly to mix.
Chill mousse and allow to set.
To serve, spoon out equal portions into tulipe cups. Add apple wedges on top and maple syrup on the plate for garnish.