Tarte Citron Courtesy Of: Joe Srahulek, Executive Chef, Sheraton Grande Tarte Citron 12 Servings Sweet Dough 500 g Butter 190 g Sugar 4 g Salt 140 g Eggs 750 g Sifted Pastry Flour Filling 12 Eggs 335 g Sugar 585 g Whipping cream 10 Juice of lemons 5 Zest of lemon Combine butter, sugar and salt in mixing bowl and beat on low speed until smooth.
Add eggs until absorbed. Gradually add flour until evenly blended.
Set aside and chill.

Mix all ingredients except zest until well blended then strain. Add zest.
Place springform pan on baking tray and line with sweet dough.
Add lemon mixture and bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes then reduce to 300 degrees for 75 minutes.
Cool overnight before serving.